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Business Venture

Deluxe Wheelie Wash was established in May 2016, and we are proud of the professional service we provide in the Mackay Region, Walkerston, Bakers Creek, McEwan’s Beach, Sarina and Balnagowan.


2020 brought with it lots of challenges for everyone, so to stay affordable to all our clients we continued our service for the same pricing that we have had for the last 4 years. Travelling further and requiring more water we set about building a Customised New Isuzu Truck to add to the fleet. Might I add, this was all carried out using Local Business’s. We purchased the Isuzu truck locally through Crokers Truck Centre, excellent service and follow up. We were kept up to date with each step in the process. Bryan Industries engineered and fabricated the canopy and specially designed bin cleaning unit for us- they had never built a unit such as this before, and we are grateful for their attention to detail and listening to our needs. Custom Water Blasters then manufactured and customized a system that makes our job flow smoothly and more efficiently so we can achieve the high standard of water pressure cleaning that we deliver to our customers. Also, a big thank you to Custom Signs & Safety for our amazing signage. We are sure people will notice us driving around.



We all feel more comfortable
purchasing a product or service if it’s
been recommended by a friend or
someone we trust. If your happy with
the service that DWW are providing,
why not spread the word!
We will even reward you with a free
1kg bucket of Bin Bombs for every
referral whom subscribes to a regular
two or four weekly clean of both bins.
Just ask them to put your name in
the comments section when booking.


Why get your bin cleaned? We all have busy lifestyles and the last
thing we want to do is get the pressure cleaner out on bin
collection day.
Deluxe Wheelie Wash is Environmentally friendly, Use
biodegradable products, Easy online booking, No lock in contract,
The ability to clean residential and commercial bins.
And great customer service and flexibility.

“Excellent service – great communication, easy to book, very
well cleaned. Couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
Dr Steph, Rural View.”

Expanding – Driveway Cleaning

We have recently grown our service to include high pressure
blasting for your driveways and footpaths.
We can bring 1000lt of water and have 50m of non-marking
hose to get to reach those “hard to get” places. No more
mouldy, slippery footpaths and driveways.
Save time and give us a call 0437 906 678 and we can

give you a quote.




Lending a hand

In November I was asked to be the guest speaker for a women’s event “In The Bag”. It was such an honor to meet and speak with these Women and at the same time we provided essential items in a bag for Women in Need. And as all my November photos of Chris for the past 19 years clearly show the hairy top lip – and both our work vehicles proudly have a Moustache – you can see MOvember is a very important cause that we support. Chris continues to raise awareness for Men’s Health and our vehicles are a good reminder, and they look very distinguished.

Give us a review

If you want to keep up to date with what’s happening with DWW jump onto Facebook and like our page. Please feel free to leave a review, good or bad we want to hear from you so that we can improve our services wherever possible.



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